Situated 1 hour North West of Edmonton, Alberta Bison Ranch supplies high quality, naturally raised, grass fed bison/buffalo meat from Edmonton all the way to Pincher Creek.

“Alberta Bison Ranch is a natural self-sustaining ranch operation situated on 2500 acres of wide open grasslands in Northern Central Alberta. Our animals graze and roam in a stress-free environment and are raised on the farm from birth to finish, in a pure and natural way.”


“They are more than organic, they are just plain natural.”

– Neil Hochstein


Alberta Bison Ranch, originally the Meerheimb family ranch, began after the trade of a Kenwood mixer for one beef cow. Since then it has grown into a diverse ranching operation, and today it remains under the management of Neil Hochstein their grandson.

Neil takes great pride in running 200 head of Pure Plains Bison, a breeding stock that is hard to beat with a blood line running as far back as 1980. Alberta Bison Ranch started with Pure Plains Bison in 1980 and since then has helped other ranchers start their bison herds.

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Breeding Program


Since 1984 Alberta Bison Ranch has been raising pure plains bison from the strong genetics originally maintained by Tom Meerheimb.