Bison Hill Feast

March 18, 2015

What: Chef prepared food, live music, Camping, & Pow Wow. When: 2 day event starting on Friday, May 29 and finishing on Saturday, May 30. Where: Alberta Bison Ranch – Directions Here. *Note: This event is in the planning phase. Details to follow.*

June Special !!

June 5, 2013

Whole Bison only  $ 3.75/pound Half Bison only  $ 4/pound Quarter Bison only  $ 4.25/pound + $ 125 Harvesting Fee + cut and wrap

When: June 14-16 Where: Rangeton Park – RR80 (in between Evansburg, AB & Mayerthorpe, AB) What: Jam-packed schedule featuring musicians of every genre from across the province. On-site camping available.

In this example the Bison weighed 422 lbs hot hanging weight, @ $4.25/lb + cut n wrap at $0.65/lb + $125.00 for harvesting. $3554.00 – Store Price $2192.80 – Our Price $1361.20 – Total Savings  

The lack of fat insures that Buffalo meat will cook faster. Fat acts as an insulator – the heat must first penetrate this insulation before the cooking process begins. Marbling (fat within the muscle) aids in slowing down the cooking process. Since Buffalo meat lacks marbling, the meat has a tendency to cook more rapidly. …Continue Reading »